click edit & comment the return & continue statements. if nothing shows up in the right panel, try typing space or enter in the editor.

as there is no such thing as "too many resources", here's a selection of interesting online resources

online editors

I wanted to have the ability to edit the code and view the result and quickly hacked something but there are plenty of online editors too

  • dacein is an experimental IDE and library for creative coding made by Szymon Kaliski.
  • P5 is the JavaScript version of Processing, this editor let's you edit sketches in the browser
  • Codepen has a versatile HTML/CSS/JS editor, along with gazillions of user contributed sketches
  • Glitch is the the new kid on the block, rather than editing a single file, Glitch lets you edit a full project and manage your assets
  • the book of shaders by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo has a nice live reload editor to edit GLSL
  • Shadertoy is where you go when you think you know GLSL and cry.

this is a collection of demos done by Nicolas Barradeau, it's meant to help newcomers understand the different aspects of creative coding and datavisualization.

the code style is rather quaint, today (2019) one would probably use ES6 classes and tomorrow something different. the idea is to explain the underlying principles so that they can later be used in any language.

it's available on github too :)

the text editor uses codemirror and the HTML is done with materialize css.